Northeast Maritime Institute's Marina at Slocum Cove  |  Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Northeast Maritime Institute - College of Maritime Science is proud of our new waterfront acquisition - The Marina at Slocum Cove, located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. We are honestly excited as we grow into the next phase of our programs as we continue to develop the nation’s most progressive maritime education and training institution with world-class facilities. We are currently planning new facilities and buildings that will enhance our customer's experience at the marina. The marina will first and foremost be part of the Northeast Maritime Institute Campus and the lucky folks using the marina to keep their boats in a safe and clean space will have the benefit of being around some of the nation's finest professional mariners and students alike.


We have begun researching ways to integrate our educational programs into the operations and facilities of the marina and properties, including developing new buildings, improving upon or building new docks and other overall general improvements.


Thank you for your interest in Northeast Maritime Institute's Marina at Slocum Cove.  We are excited to offer excellent service, excellent dock space for those in New Bedford, Fairhaven, Cape Cod and an environment that is safe, quiet and professional.