1. The word “Marina” is used here to indicate the Northeast Maritime Institute Marina at Slocum Cove and any of their authorized agents. The word “owner” is used to indicate the vessel owner (or his authorized representative, guest, or invitee) as well as any vessel moored at Marina at Slocum Cove.


2. Slip rentals shall be strictly in accordance with published schedules and shall be paid in advance to cover a full season. Slip rentals are non-refundable after May 1st. Any cancellations prior to May 1st are subject to a 25% service change based on the entire slip fee.


3. If it is considered by the Marina at Slocum Cove to be in the best interest of the Marina, the Marina reserves the right, after 10 days’ notice, to cancel this contract, with the owners removing there boat forth with. Proportional reimbursement will be made for the docking fee.


4. Slip rentals are non-transferrable.


5. To be admitted and to continue as a permittee of Marina at Slocum Cove, a vessel must be:

a. Insured and a copy of insurance must be provided upon completion of annual application.

b. Registered, identified, marked, equipped and maintained as required by law and safe practice.

c. Subject to periodic inspection by the Marina to determine the maintenance of proper safety conditions.


6. The owner agrees to maintain “Protection and Indemnity” insurance protection including so called “Dockage Rider” (or equivalent). Each owner will be held responsible for damage they may cause to other boats in the marina or to the structures or facilities thereof.


7. When a vessel enters Marina at Slocum Cove, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of the Marina and shall be berthed only where ordered and maneuvered as directed. Vessels entering Marina at Slocum Cove under emergency shall be reported immediately by their owners to the Marina.


8. When an owner expects to have his boat out of a slip for more than two days, he shall so notify the Marina in advance, who may lease the slip for other purposes during this period. No sub-leasing of slips or transfer of boats between slips will be allowed except on prior permission of the Marina.


9. All vessels shall be secured in their berths in a manner acceptable to the Marina. If a vessel is found to be unsecured, an attempt to contact the owner will be made and if necessary, the Marina will adequately secure the vessel and charge the owner a service fee.


10. Owners will provide the Marina with set of main door and hatch keys and ignition keys. The vessel will only be entered by the Marina for a possible periodic inspection or for emergency service, otherwise only with the authority of the owner’s permission.


11. Marina assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of the vessel including its gear, equipment, and contents for any loss or damage to the vessel, its contents or equipment including loss by theft or vandalism or damage caused by any 3rd party, storm or act of God.  Such slip is to be used at the sole risk of the vessel owner, guest or invitee and owner assumes all risk.


12. Vessel owner is responsible for the vessel at all times while it is located at the Marina and vessel owner agrees: to oversee all individuals at the Marina present as their guest or invitee; to reimburse/indemnify the Marina for all costs associated with damage to the Marina and its apparatuses including its dock structures and pilings caused by the vessel, the vessel owner or any guest or invitee of the owner at the Marina and; the owner agrees to indemnify and hold Marina harmless from any liability, loss, or damage to third parties caused by their vessel, the vessel owner, or any guest or invitee of the owner at the Marina, whichever may arise.


13. The owner (and guests for whom they are responsible) agrees to conduct themselves, when on the property of Marina at Slocum Cove or on any boat moored therein, so as to create no annoyance, hazard or nuisance to the Marina or to the other owners. This involves observance of good housekeeping and sanitation practices and the use of garbage receptacles.


14. Tenders and skiffs shall be stored on board larger vessels when possible. Otherwise they must be kept off the docks or moored at the tender float. Their identification marks or name are required to be recorded with the Marina. No dock boxes, steps, etc., can be installed without permission from Marina at Slocum Cove. Additional fees may apply.


15. No “outside” contactors or service organizations or individuals will be permitted to undertake any work on boats in Marina at Slocum Cove without the approval of the marina. Such approval will not be granted unless the Service Division of the Marina cannot properly undertake the work themselves.


16. Water and electricity will not be available to owners BEFORE May 1st NOR AFTER Nov. 1st


17. Owners and their guests are to use the Marina’s shore side toilets and all garbage and other refuse must be placed in the receptacles provided by the Marina.


18. Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Patrons shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios and television sets, so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance.


19. Advertising or soliciting shall not be permitted in any part of Marina at Slocum Cove.


20. Swimming, diving or fishing shall not be permitted from the docks or finger piers.


21. Boat owners shall not place supplies, materials, accessories or debris on walkway, and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets or similar structures except with written approval of the Dockmaster.


22. Laundry shall not be hung on boats, docks or finger piers in the Marina.


23. Charcoal fires and open fires of any kind are strictly prohibited within the confines of the Marina.


24. Dogs will be admitted to Marina at Slocum Cove only under leash and must not run loose on the grounds or other people’s boats. If a customer complaint exists, the owner will be asked to remove the dog from the premises.  All other animals are prohibited.  Owners not cleaning up after dogs will be asked to leave their dogs home and non-compliance may result in being asked to leave the marina permanently. (While we all love dogs, we love people more.)


25. Young children must be accompanied by adults at all times.


26. All regulations concerning the handling and disposal of hazardous waste shall be observed at all times. Waste oil, solvents, antifreeze, bilge waste, batteries, paints, thinners, etc. may be disposed of through the Dockmaster or Marina at Slocum Cove stockroom. A minimal disposal fee may be charged.


27. When entering or leaving the Marina, boats must be under power, not sail.


28. In the event of severe storm or hurricane the Marina will attempt, if practical and possible, to provide preparation and damage prevention service, costs for which will be prorated over all the boats. However, the owner or his agent is still solely responsible to take all emergency measures possible, and the Marina does not assume any responsibility for said protection and/or damages to the owner’s boat.


29. Any infraction of the above rules and regulations of the Marina by the Owner shall, at the option of the Marina, cancel this contract upon 10 days’ notice, and the owner(s) shall forthwith remove his boat.


30. Owners shall not use equipment owned by the Marina and equipment owned by the Marina may only be operated by Marina personnel.


31. Quiet Hours shall be from 11:00pm – 7:30am


32. Children under 10 years old shall wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) while on the docks.


33. Excessive alcohol consumption or drunkenness shall result in immediate expulsion from the marina.  The marina will have a zero-tolerance policy on drunkenness.


34. Any use or consumption of controlled substances, abuse of prescription medications, or use marijuana on or in the premises or vessels on the premises shall result in immediate expulsion from the marina.  The marina will have a zero-tolerance policy on drunkenness.


35. All vessels remaining in slips after November 1st will be subject to a $100.00 per week fee unless winter storage arrangements have been made.